User manual translation

In recent years, professional user manual translation has been gaining ground. This trend is linked not only with rapid technological advances, which result in launching an increasing number of products, but also with legal requirements. Under EU legislation, every manufacturer is obliged to provide translations of the manual in the languages of the countries of use. Similar obligations have also been imposed by the Polish Ministry of Economy.
User manuals serve a highly practical function, largely because in theory they are addressed to a broad audience, which is composed of nearly all literate people, including children who are target readers of toy and game manuals. In terms of grammar, user manual translation does not pose great difficulty. A distinctive feature of such texts is a high proportion of imperative verbs. However, a user manual translator should be aware that the target text they are working on must have clear and unambiguous content, regardless of whether the text is addressed to experts in the field (e.g. users of industrial machinery and equipment) or lay people with a very limited technical knowledge. In either case, factual accuracy in translation is of paramount importance.
POZENA user manual translators, besides their specialist knowledge of a specific product, have general technical expertise in such areas as: physics, mechanics, electricity or electronics. These experts have a degree in engineering and very high language and translation competence. They also boast relevant vast translation experience and have good search and verification skills.
In our agency we provide comprehensive user manual translation services. Thanks to our technical solutions (DTP and CAT software), we can guarantee that the target text matches source not only in terms of content but also graphical elements. We offer regular, fast and express document translation.

We frequently translate user manuals for the following products

  • games and toys
  • industrial machinery
  • computer software
  • vehicles
  • household appliances
  • medical equipment
  • agricultural equipment
  • radio and TV equipment
  • electronical devices
  • electrical devices

Translation languages

POZENA offers specialist translation of user manuals in many languages, also without translating content into Polish. The most popular translation languages are:

Stylistic appropriateness is also relevant in user manuals

Many inadequacies in user manual translation result from the incorrect transfer of syntactic constructions from the source languages. Even though such texts are rich in imperative forms (e.g. in English), such structures can successfully be rendered in other languages with more impersonal alternatives, which are stylistically more appropriate, predominantly for reasons of politeness.
When you entrust us with a manual translation project, you can be sure that the target text will not only be true to source in terms of content but that it will sound natural and follow the rules of linguistic politeness in the target culture.