Translation for the energy sector

The intensive growth of the energy sector, notably in the field of renewable energy, has led to an increased demand for translation services in this area.
In order to meet the expectations of energy sector companies which are actively involved in international cooperation we offer translation services in this field. We undertake translation projects in various branches of the energy sector, such as solar energy, hydropower, coal power, wind power, geothermal energy, nuclear power, etc. We also have expertise in related areas, such as trade in energy services.
When ordering a translation for the energy sector at the POZENA translation agency, our clients can be sure that their project will be handled by a highly qualified translator, who has a degree in engineering and continuously updates their knowledge by following the current developments in the dynamically changing energy market. To ensure efficiency, each assignment is monitored by a POZENA project manager, who – at the client’s discretion – submits it for an additional quality check (for both language and content). POZENA priorities are fast service, reliability and terminological precision.
Most of the energy sector companies that we have worked with are now our regular clients. We handle their translation projects by using our termbases and translation memories. Accordingly, we are able to increasingly tailor our work to the client’s expectations.

Most frequently translated texts for the energy sector

  • technical documentation
  • grid codes
  • user manuals
  • information sheets
  • catalogs and promotional materials
  • descriptions of equipment
  • protocols
  • scientific publications (papers and books)
  • technical specifications
  • contracts and tender documentation for the energy sector

Translation languages

For companies from the energy sector we offer fast translation services (both standard and verified). We also provide certified translation. Most commonly we translate from and into the following languages: