Translation for the economic sector

Translation for the economic sector is increasingly gaining ground as a result of ongoing globalization that stimulates the international cooperation of companies and institutions. Economic texts are highly interdisciplinary in nature as they typically concern issues from various fields, such as: law, banking, finance, accounting or taxes. It is only natural then that a good translator of economic texts should have considerable expertise in the above areas.
For our clients, i.e. banks, financial institutions and law firms, we provide professional translation of economic texts and documents. The POZENA translators have specialist knowledge of economics and law supported by educational qualifications. In their work, they adhere to the highest standards of linguistic accuracy, confidentiality and reliability. In the final stage of the translation process, the target text undergoes a quality check by a proofreader with linguistic and substantive expertise.

We are able to handle projects in all language combinations without the need to translate content into Polish. By applying translation software solutions (translation memories and termbases) we guarantee terminological consistency, which is of key importance in other projects on the same or similar topics.
We provide translation services for the business sector in such fields as: banking, finance, accounting and auditing, taxes, stock exchange and securities, insurance, quality management and others.

Most commonly we translate the following economic texts:

  • insurance documentation – policies, guarantees, post-accident questionnaires
  • banking documents
  • invoices
  • business correspondence
  • business offers
  • auditor’s reports
  • prospectuses
  • board meeting minutes
  • economic publications
  • income statements
  • cash flow statements
  • contracts

Translation languages

At the client’s discretion we offer fast translation services. If necessary, we also provide certified translation.

Most common languages in translation for the economic sector: