Translation for the construction industry

The construction industry is a key economic sector. Construction investments frequently involve international partnership in the form of a consortium that includes foreign investors and contractors. In such cases huge volumes of content need to be translated.
POZENA performs professional translation services for the construction industry. Our regular clients include companies representing its various sectors such as housing, road, railway, sanitary, industrial and public utility construction.
Construction industry translation projects are effectively handled by POZENA’s reliable team of translators, who are experts in the field. Over the years, by using computer-assisted translation solutions, we have created our own termbases, which streamline the coordination of our projects and enhance the quality of translation.As a result, we are able to manage urgent and large projects. For these reasons, POZENA translation services for the construction industry stand for quality, reliability, precision, terminological consistency and timely delivery.

Most frequently translated texts for the construction industry

  • investment profitability analyses
  • as-built documentation
  • tender documentation
  • daily construction reports
  • construction evaluations
  • construction equipment manuals
  • catalogs
  • investment descriptions
  • conversion plans
  • construction permits
  • architectural designs
  • construction work reports
  • construction contracts
  • real estate appraisals

Translation languages

The POZENA translation agency is looking forward to doing business with new clients. By providing high quality and short delivery dates, we offer professional translation services, with the fastest possible turnaround times and standard prices. Our offer also includes certified translation. We handle translation projects for the construction industry in various language pairs, also in foreign to foreign language combinations with no need of translating content into Polish.

Most frequent languages in translation for the construction industry: