Translation for the chemical industry

Translation for the chemical industry is regarded as an essential subsection of specialist and scientific translation. Its current status results from the rapid advances in chemical sciences, which have a significant impact on a wide range of industries.
For a number of years, POZENA has performed professional translations of texts on organic and inorganic chemistry as well as related fields, such as pharmacy, biotechnology, biochemistry, agricultural chemistry, chemical engineering, medicine and environmental protection. POZENA’s clients include chemical laboratories, research institutions as well as chemical, pharmaceutical and food companies.
We perfectly understand that chemical texts are highly specialist in nature. For this very reason, we entrust their translation either to people with expertise in languages and linguistics, who have vast experience in the field or to people with degrees in chemistry, medicine or pharmacy, who have an excellent command of the source and target languages. Some projects involve the cooperation of both sets of translators (one is the actual translator, the other one is the proofreader). In their work, the POZENA specialists do their best to meet top quality standards and make sure they use appropriate chemical terminology.

Most frequently translated chemical texts and documents

  • chemical and laboratory equipment manuals
  • safety data sheets
  • chemical product catalogs
  • patent descriptions
  • chemical process descriptions
  • cosmetics descriptions
  • sanitary control protocols
  • scientific publications (books and papers) in chemistry and related fields
  • chemical security reports
  • quality specifications
  • chemical research reports
  • applications for research grants

Translation languages

Since we treat every project as urgent, the POZENA translation agency offers express translation services at regular prices. If you need a confirmation that the translation of a chemical text is a true copy of the original, we can provide a certified translation.

Major languages in translation for the chemical industry: