Technical translation

Technical translation is an important and broad category of specialist translation. Technical texts are not highly complex in terms of grammar (e.g. one of their distinctive features is a high frequency rate of imperative verb forms). What is a major challenge, though, is the correct translation of specialist terminology.

Technical texts vary in their difficulty level depending on the target reader. Texts that are addressed to a broad audience (e.g. user manuals of common household appliances) are structurally less complex than texts with elusive terminology that are designed for experts in a particular field. Naturally, a good technical translator should have the reader’s perspective in mind.
Translation of technical texts also involves localization, i.e. adapting the text and its graphic elements to specific countries where the target language is spoken. These texts perform a highly functional purpose: a correctly translated user manual for a product will ensure its proper operation in the target market.
POZENA translators and proofreaders are highly-qualified specialists who apply the above principles in their work. Besides an excellent command of the source and target languages, they have expertise in a specific field of technology (most of them have a degree in engineering). We successfully manage technical translation projects thanks to relevant technological solutions that are applied to implement graphics, which frequently occur in technical texts.

Most frequently translated technical texts

  • information pamphlets
  • quality certificates
  • patent documentation
  • tender documentation
  • assembly/installation manuals
  • user guides/manuals
  • safety data sheets
  • product catalogs
  • cost estimates
  • technical descriptions
  • appliance and machine diagrams
  • technical specifications

Translation languages

POZENA provides professional translation services for texts from various fields of technology, such as the construction industry, heavy industry, automotive industry, agriculture, IT, electronics, transportation and logistics, automatic control, robotics and mechatronics. Most frequently we translate technical texts from and into the following languages: