Specialist translation

Specialist translation is the broadest and most varied area of translation as it embraces such fields as: science and technology, industry, medicine, law, economics, finance, banking, marketing, IT and new technologies.
Specialist translation is inextricably linked with expertise in a specific field. Of extreme importance is knowledge of industry-specific terminology in the source and target languages as well as precision and diligence in translating content. Needless to say, cultural aspects of the target language are also central to a successful specialist translation if it is to be intelligible to a foreign audience.
POZENA’s team of translators is composed of highly-qualified experts who adhere to professional standards and perform specialist translations in all language pairs. POZENA relies on two sets of translators: 1) people who have an educational background in languages and linguistics and boast vast translation experience in a specific field, and 2) industry experts (economists, lawyers, doctors, engineers, etc.) with high foreign and native language proficiency. In the case of highly specialist projects, at the client’s discretion, POZENA conducts an additional quality check for content and language. This process involves the participation of at least two people: a linguist translator and an expert translator. As a result, we offer professional translation services in all domains of knowledge.

Most common specialist translations

  • legal analyses, opinions and interpretations
  • construction documentation
  • company financial records
  • legal documents
  • tender documents
  • car documentation
  • user manuals of machines and devices
  • patent descriptions
  • descriptions of pharmaceuticals
  • technical descriptions
  • academic publications (papers and books) in various fields of knowledge, e.g. medicine, law, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, etc.
  • credit applications

Translation languages

Most common languages in specialist translation: