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We’re an expert team, one shaped by over twenty years’ experience in multilingual translations and technology training. There is little out there we’ve not successfully handled. Just send us the website address for a free, informed translation guidance.
Your website translation must read naturally to its market. No matter if it is a “hello world” or a complex, strategic and global knowledge repository with an e-commerce engine, we’ll comfortably handle your website localisation into all major world languages.
You will be talking about your website translation with a person. The same person always. A person who is actually competent. And properly aware of your project’s quirks and demands. We will talk to you as often or as rarely as we think the success of your project requires.
From your content saved off in word files, to translation system integrations for your amazing new WordPress or Drupal CMS, to some serious Magento magic, and anything in between. We know the answer to match the complexity of your current or planned website.

POZENA Multilingual Website Translation Services

Localization expertise

We work with 400+ clients in 20+ European countries and the USA, including the largest, the best and the most demanding. We are well aware of translation needs, wants and requirements of corporate marketing, sales, HR and engineering departments, of international professional services firms, and of banks, government units and diplomatic posts and well as local SMEs specializing in their line of business.

We also understand you want more than just a basic great translation: you want competence around its cultural aspects and a provision that is compatible your current technology. And you want business-level confidentiality, or higher. We meet all these with the friendly, professional and personal translation service of the multilingual POZENA project team and that of our specialist translators.

Your website translation will sound natural to its intended native audience. It will meet your SEO (International Search Engine Optimization) guidelines as defined by your SEO experts. Whether in German, Spanish, French, Polish or Russian, your localized website will be as good and as efficient as the original.

Unlimited scope

With the experience of thousands of translation projects, many of them online, we’re confident of the quality professional translation services we provide. No translation project is too small. Also, no project is too large or too complex. We will discuss it in detail and offer the appropriate website localization service.

No problem, whatever the challenge!

At POZENA, every day is spent helping clients who are ultimate experts at the fields of their profession but who might be a bit overwhelmed by the challenges of multilingual website translation.

This is because website translation is multi-disciplinary by nature: it takes the skills of project managers, analysts, programmers and linguists, and the correct choice licensed technology to roll out a website translation that reads well and works in the target market. While not rocket science, these skills simply are not all available at once at the disposal of corporate marketing departments.

At POZENA, we understand this. We supplement and compliment the core client team and we do as little or as much as required to deliver a fantastic website translation.

Team victory

Professional human translations, best in class translation technology, high-tech website translation integrations…. are all just the beginning.

We think the source of our international success is POZENA’s own Project Team. We are passionate about the translation industry, we’re confident of our abilities and we enjoy working with clients to make their communication more successful with our website translations.


You’ve probably taken way too long already to get your single-language website up and running. This normally takes more people than planned more time than envisaged. Now just think about your three other markets… can we really afford more hassle and more delays?

POZENA has delivered thousands of professional translation projects, all od them on time and on budget. Let us save your website translation.

Rapid updates

Your website may well be alive, not static.

That means your multilingual website translation project might be not so much about simply reflecting the current content in a number of further languages. Your project is really about designing a reliable ongoing translation flow that will handle any updated or newly created content. Preferably one that only involves just the content creator, not an army of programmers each time there is an update.

We know how to do just that.

We will discuss which of available technologies will best suit your needs. We will offer a professional human translation service, complemented by an online integration will with your multilingual website.

Professional website translation

POZENA is an experienced localisation team with 20+ years’ experience in corporate localisation. Do we know how to deliver professional human website translations?

How much does it cost to translate a website”

With website translation, there is no single method. There are different online systems, different levels of difficulty, different deadlines and volumes of content. Each proposed project is analysed free of charge and a customised offer is issue. Can we translate websites and e-commerce sites? Yes we can! Is the pricing competitive? Certainly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you translate my e-commerce site or my online store?

Yes. Translations of e-commerce sites must strictly follow both the technology and the branding of the source-language content. Tricky but not impossible.

Do you prefer certain CMS system over others?

Certainly, the most popular jobs are WordPress translations but we just as happily work with Drupal or Magento. We have a solution for any CMS.

Can you keep my website up to date?

Yes. If your source-language website gets regular updates, of course you want your translations to follow. We will offer a solution to make this happen.

What languages do you offer?

We provide professional website translations in any language.

Does POZENA work with clients on regular updates and changes to websites?

Certainly. We can make sure your changes are reflected in your other language versions. In fact, with the correct technology, we can identify additions or alterations and then proceed to translate and publish them directly on your site.

Does POZENA only work with end clients? Or would you also cooperate with a good website developer?

We happily work with direct clients, but we also appreciate the breadth and skill of professional website developers. Please get in touch to discuss joint projects.

Does POZENA translate complex corporate websites or those of government entities?

Certainly. We work with clients from all sectors, including government. We handle large and complex translation projects.

How much does it cost to translate my website?

We need the URL (website address) and most likely a proper chat too, to be able to establish a reliable quote. Professional website translation is not just plain text. There are also links, attachments, tables, graphics, blogs, news, videos and animations and all sorts of items which are not directly visible by the customer, but still important to the website and its international SEO.

How long will it take to translate my website?

It can take a few days, of several times longer. At POZENA, there are no slow projects: every job is urgent, and every client is important.