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POZENA’s professional human translations from Romanian to English and any other language or from English and any language into Romanian are reliably performed by formally qualified native-speaking translators, assuring their consistently high quality.

Why choose professional Romanian translations?

  • Romanian is spoken as the first language by 24 million people (around 0.4% of the world’s population) and ranks as the 49th most spoken language by the number of native speakers.
  • Limba română holds official status in Romania, Moldova, and the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina (northern Serbia). It is recognized as a minority language in Ukraine and Hungary.

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Translations from English to Romanian from GBP 0.07 we do not charge extra for express translation  individual project pricing upon content analysis individual project pricing upon content analysis 
Translations from Romanian to English from GBP 0.08
Translations from Romanian to Another Language from GBP 0.07
Translations from Another Language to Irish from GBP 0.08
Reviewed Translation (ISO17100 compliant) from +50% of base rate
DTP Fees from GBP 10 per page / GBP 30 per hour

POZENA’s professional Romanian translations

  • Assurance of professional quality
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  • Translators who are native-speakers of Romanian
  • Translations for a broad range of industries and disciplines
  • Document translations of any type and format
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  • Specialist translations and non-standard requirements
  • Translations from Romanian to English or any other language
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Romanian – basic information

  • Romanian is a member of the Romance languages group (more specifically, it is an Eastern Romance language). In some ways, it is similar to other languages spoken in the Balkan Peninsula, i.e. Bulgarian, Albanian and Greek. Just like the other Romance languages, Romanian evolved from Vulgar Latin. Its medieval history is poorly known and attested. The first written account of limba română is dates as late as from the early 16th century (Neacșu's letter from 1521). Interestingly,
  • Romanian was originally written in Cyrillic and it was not until 1860 that the Latin alphabet was officially introduced. The Cyrillic script is used only in Transnistria, an autonomous region of Moldova (this variety is called the Moldovan language).
  • The Romanian language does not exhibit significant regional variation. Its dialects, which differ primarily in pronunciation, belong to one of the two major groups: northern and southern. Standard Romanian is regulated by the Bucharest-based Academia Română.
  • Romanian is an official language of the EU.

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Basic words and phrases – English-Romanian mini dictionary

  • yes - da

  • no - nu

  • please - vă rog

  • thank you - mulțumesc

  • sorry - scuzați/pardon

  • good morning - bună dimineața

  • good evening - bună seara

  • goodbye - la revedere

  • good night - noapte bună

  • hi - salut

  • How are you? - Ce faci?

  • good - bine

  • My name is… - Numele meu este…

  • I don't understand - Nu înţeleg

  • I'm from the UK - Sunt din Marea Britanie


Interesting facts

  • Lexically, Romanian is closest to Italian (both languages share over 75% of vocabulary items).
  • Even though limba română and other Romance languages share a number of features, it is worth emphasizing that around 14% of Romanian words have been derived from the Slavic languages. Examples include such words as: da (yes), duh (ghost), or nevastă (wife). In the past, Slovenian lexis was even richer in Slavic loanwords; however, in the 19th century it was re-romanized, as a result of which a great proportion of non-Romance vocabulary was eradicated.
  • The longest Romanian word is the 44-letter noun pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconioză (pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanokoniosis), which is a kind of lung disease.
  • A very interesting word is the noun acioaiei (Eng. amalgam). This eight-letter word contains only one consonant.
  • Unlike in other Romance languages, articles in Romanian are postfixed to nouns (added as suffixes).