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POZENA’s professional human translations from Italian to English and any other language or from English and any language into Italian are reliably performed by formally qualified native-speaking translators, assuring their consistently high quality.

Why choose professional Italian translations?

  • Italian is the mother tongue of about 65 million people (ca 1% of the world’s population) and ranks as the 23rd most spoken language in the world.
  • Italian has official status not only in Italy but in three other countries, i.e. Switzerland (in two cantons), San Marino and the Vatican. L’italiano is a minority language in several regions of Slovenia and Croatia and is spoken in the former Italian colonies in Africa (in Libya, Somalia and Ethiopia). Italian is also the official language of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and serves as a lingua franca in the Catholic Church.

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Translations from English to Italian from GBP 0.07 we do not charge extra for express translation  individual project pricing upon content analysis individual project pricing upon content analysis 
Translations from Italian to English from GBP 0.08
Translations from Italian to Another Language from GBP 0.07
Translations from Another Language to Italian from GBP 0.08
Reviewed Translation (ISO17100 compliant) from +50% of base rate
DTP Fees from GBP 10 per page / GBP 30 per hour

POZENA’s professional Italian translations

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Italian – basic information

  • Italian is a Romance language. Its vocabulary exhibits a great deal of similarity to Latin (in this respect, only Sardinian is lexically closer). In terms of grammar, though, Italian and Latin display greater differences.
  • L’italiano exhibits significant dialectal variation with more than a half of the Italians speaking a regional dialect. This is because Italy was divided into dozens of city-states, and was not unified until 1861. The most popular regional varieties include the Neapolitan, Sicilian and Venetian dialects. Standard Italian is based on the Tuscan dialect, which became popularized through the works of Dante Aligheri, who is thus credited with standardizing the Italian language. Italian has long been codified by the Florence-based Accademia della Crusca, which is the world’s oldest linguistic academy.
  • Italian is an official language of the EU, the Organization for Security and Co-Operation in Europe and the Council of Europe

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Basic words and phrases – English-Italian mini dictionary

  • yes - sì

  • no - no

  • please - prego

  • thank you - grazie

  • sorry - mi dispiace/scusi (scusa)

  • good morning - buongiorno

  • good evening - buonasera

  • goodbye - arrivederci

  • good night - buonanotte

  • hi - ciao

  • How are you? - Come va?

  • good - bene

  • My name is… - Mi chiamo...

  • I don't understand - Non capisco

  • I'm from the UK - Vengo dalla Gran Bretagna


Interesting facts

  • Compared to other Indo-European languages, Italian is highly vocalic. In Italian words, vowels tend to occur twice as often as consonants. It is for this reason that l’italiano is regarded as a melodious language.
  • At the lexical level, Italian can also be associated with music. A number of musical terms are actually derived from Italian, e.g. tenor, soprano, libretto or trio. Italian influence is also seen in the domain of cuisine. Classical examples include food names, e.g. pizza, spaghetti, risotto or tiramisu.
  • In Italian yes-no questions (also known as polar questions) do not have any special marker and have the same word order as statements. In written language, they are indicated by a question mark, while in speech by a rising intonation at the end of a sentence.
  • The longest Italian word, the adverb precipitevolissimevolmente, consists of 26 letters. Its meaning is “very fast, frantically”
  • Ferrari, a popular car brand, is also ranked the third most common last name (surname) in Italy. It is derived from the noun ferro (iron), and can be regarded as the equivalent of the English surname Smith!