Marketing translation

As a popular translation saying goes, if a translation is faithful, it is not beautiful, and if it is beautiful, it is not faithful. In most cases, professional translators primarily adhere to the principle of faithfulness, which does not mean that their work has no esthetic values. However, this rule does not seem to apply to professional marketing translation, which tends to emphasize communicativeness and naturalness, sometimes at the expense of faithfulness.
Since marketing texts perform a persuasive function, it is highly essential to render the sense of a source language message in a way that will trigger the same associations in the minds of target readers. For example, the Polish sentence “Zapraszamy do współpracy z naszą firmą” could be translated into English as “We look forward to doing business with you”. This phrasing is more appealing and intelligible to native speakers of English than an awkward sounding sentence “We invite you to cooperate with our company”, which faithfully renders the source content.

Inappropriate phrases and structures can make the target text sound unnatural, which may in turn result in damaging the image of a company, product or service designed to be promoted in the target market.
Our clients can be sure that when they submit a marketing translation order, we will take great care to make sure that the final product will meet all of the above standards. The POZENA translation team is composed of highly creative specialists, who have a feel for language and awareness of cultural differences. We offer, as an option, professional copywriting services in Polish and foreign languages. POZENA copywriters are committed to delivering the best work possible, which maintains linguistic and stylistic accuracy and fully reflects the communicative purposes of the original. We perform express marketing translations at standard rates. The POZENA offer also includes certified (sworn) translation services.

Most common marketing and sales translations

  • pamphlets and catalogs
  • folders
  • advertising slogans
  • client success stories
  • news releases
  • newsletters
  • offers
  • multimedia presentations
  • company profiles
  • academic publications (books and papers) in marketing
  • advertisements
  • company websites
  • flyers

Translation languages

Clients who order marketing translations represent companies and organizations from a wide range of industries, such as automotive and construction industries, telecommunications, IT, food industry, tourism, transportation and logistics. The most common marketing translation languages include