IT Translation

There is no denying that information technology is a key industry these days as its growth is linked, in varying degrees, to the development of nearly all modern inventions and technological innovations. A key role in the dissemination of IT solutions is played by written texts and their translations into multiple languages.
IT texts are not easy to follow as they describe new concepts, processes and phenomena and include a wide range of industry-specific terms. IT translators, who are go-betweens in the global exchange of ideas about technological inventions, are tasked with rendering the content of documents in such a way that their translations are fully intelligible to their recipients.
The underlying principle of our approach to IT translation projects is to produce target texts that are accessible and faithful to the original. The POZENA translation team perfectly knows how to tailor the document’s content and graphic elements to the needs of the target audience. Our translators combine high linguistic proficiency with relevant expertise, which is frequently supported by IT education.
POZENA offers professional IT translation in various language pairs, also without translating content into Polish. We provide fast standard and certified translation services including proofreading. We also perform all necessary graphic design work to keep the original formatting.

Most frequently translated IT texts

  • technical documentation
  • game and application manuals
  • IT product manuals (computer, notebook, scanner, printer manuals)
  • advertising and promotional materials
  • configuration manuals
  • software descriptions
  • multimedia presentations
  • IT publications (books and papers)
  • product reviews
  • network system diagrams
  • technical specifications
  • IT websites

Translation languages

Most frequently we translate IT texts from and into the following languages: