Financial translation

The language of finance is marked by industry-specific terminology which includes a wide range of phrases, such as pawn loan, bid bond or mortgage bond. In-depth knowledge of such financial terms is a prerequisite for a successful translation.
Financial translation is a hallmark of the POZENA translation agency. We boast over 20 years of experience in providing translation services for the finance industry. Since we perfectly understand the ins and out of financial translation we have worked out adequate standards to meet the needs of the most demanding corporate clients.
While managing financial translation projects, we emphasize the following:
  • expertise – financial texts are translated by experts in the fields of finance and banking, who combine their specialist knowledge with language skills. What is of utmost importance is that they also have awareness of business practices that hold in specific countries (i.e. in the source and target cultures);
  • team work – thanks to our robust IT solutions (DTP and CAT software) our translators of financial texts have access to a broad termbase and translation memories, which ensure the terminological consistency of target texts. These solutions also streamline the coordination of larger projects that involve translation teams. For this reason, we find it easy to deliver urgent financial translation projects. We also provide certified translation services in this field;
  • confidentiality – in the case of financial translation, safe data storage is our absolute priority. Every team member involved in a translation project before undertaking work is obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement. POZENA clients can be sure that the data entrusted to us will be kept confidential.

Most frequently translated financial documents

  • balance sheets
  • business plans
  • company financial records
  • declarations of conformity
  • public offerings
  • finance software
  • bank procedures
  • sales forecasts
  • analytical reports
  • interim reports
  • annual reports
  • cash flow statements
  • trade agreements
  • tax returns

Translation languages

Our translation projects involve such areas as banking (corporate, investment, private), accounting, stock exchange and insurance market. We offer our services in various language pairs (also without the need of translating content into Polish). The most frequent financial translation languages include:

Why do financial translations need to be thoroughly proofread?

Financial texts are rich in formal terms and numerical information, which is why following the translation process, target texts should be meticulously checked for content. It is for this reason that while managing a financial translation project the POZENA translation agency attaches special importance to the proofreading stage. Our top priority is 100% compliance between the source and target texts.