Contract and document translation

Contracts and documents are the most frequently translated legal texts. Contracts are agreements concluded by at least two parties that impose obligations on them and specify their rights. These texts are strongly linked with the legal and economic realities of the countries where they apply.
One of the greatest challenges in the translation of contracts and related documents is the incompatibility of the legal systems, which results from the cultural differences between the countries where the source and target languages are spoken. A good case in point is the differences between the legal systems of English-speaking countries which are based on common law and of countries, such as Poland for example, where statutory law is applied. One of the key issues in contract and document translation is terminology. Depending on the target reader and text type, the translator needs to make appropriate lexical choices between international, domestic or business-specific terms.
In the POZENA translation agency, translations of contracts and documents are performed by experts in law, economics and a specific field to which a contract applies. Drawing on vast relevant experience, our translators approach each project with due care and awareness of its unique nature.
POZENA offers fast document and contract translation services, including proofreading options. We also provide certified (sworn) translation, which is frequently required for these text types.

Most frequently translated contracts and documents

  • contracts of gift
  • credit agreements
  • purchase/sale contracts
  • leasing contracts
  • rental contracts
  • repair/service contracts
  • employment contracts (including contracts of mandate and contracts for specific work)
  • service provision/outsourcing contracts
  • forwarding and transportation contracts
  • sponsorship contracts
  • insurance contracts
  • publishing contracts

Translation languages

The above kinds of contracts concern various branches of law, such as civil law, criminal law, EU law, commercial law, finance law, family law and labor law. Most frequently we translate contracts and documents from and into:

Why place an order for a professional contract translation?

POZENA translators are first-class specialists who boast broad experience in the industry and are perfectly familiar with the structure of legal acts. In their work, besides CAT tools, they draw on various corpora of legal texts (e.g. the corpora of EU legislation). When placing a contract translation order, our clients can be sure that the translation work will be performed reliably and meticulously, with the use of adequate terminology.