Car documentation translation

When you are bringing a car from abroad (usually from another EU country) to Poland, you need to make a number of arrangements. Among other things, you need to have your car documentation translated into Polish.
Our translation agency is eager to assist our clients in this process and offers professional car documentation translation services. To successfully manage such projects, we prioritize quick and efficient customer service because we are committed to minimizing all potential inconveniences that the car registration procedure involves. Our clients can count on reliable and professional service.
You can submit the documents in person or email their scans to speed up the procedure. If you choose the latter option, at a later stage you will need to submit the originals to confirm their consistency with their translations, which are performed by one of our certified translators with expertise in the field. Please note that to have your car registered in the local transport department you need to present a certified translation of its documentation. If time is your main priority, we can handle your project in fast or express mode.

Most frequently translated car documents

  • vehicle registration certificate translation

  • vehicle history card translation

  • contract of sale translation


Translation languages

We also provide translation services for additional documents that are required to buy or sell a car, e.g. invoices or vehicle deregistration documents in the country of sale. Nearly all of the car documentation projects are translated from a foreign language into Polish.

The most common source languages are the official languages of the countries from which cars are imported: