Business translation for companies

Business translation services for companies embrace a wide range of texts which differ in terms of specific topics, formality level and generic conventions. What binds them together, though, is their general subject matter, i.e. business activity in a broad sense.

Business texts include, for example, legal documents written in formal language (contracts, rules and regulations, ethical codes, etc.), marketing texts (product catalogs or information pamphlets) or texts for internal use (business correspondence and reports).
POZENA has a wealth of experience in business translation. As a POZENA client, you can be absolutely sure that your translation will be performed by a professional translator, an expert in the field, or a team of experts, who perfectly understand the specific nature of each text and the client’s needs. We provide only professional written translations of business texts.

The advantages of POZENA

  • high language proficiency – translations are performed by philology and translation school graduates;
  • in-depth specialist knowledge of the field, which is frequently supported by relevant education background;
  • reliability and precision – for each text we provide a proofreading service performed by a language consultant and an expert in the field;
  • good knowledge of the generic conventions of the target text;
  • cross-cultural awareness – our translators capitalize on their knowledge of cross-cultural communication (which is paramount in the context of international business cooperation) to promote a good image of the client in the target market.

For business purposes we translate a wide range of texts

Most frequently translated business documents
  • legal opinions and acts
  • business plans
  • brochures and company catalogs
  • accounting documents
  • tender documentation
  • evaluations
  • ethical codes
  • business correspondence
  • letters of intent
  • cover letters
  • training materials
  • powers of attorney
  • investment projects
  • supervisory board meeting minutes
  • rules and regulations
  • board activity reports
  • contracts and regulations

Translation languages

Over 400 of POZENA’s regular clients represent a variety of industries and sectors including banking, construction, energetics, logistics, medicine, pharmacy, the automotive industry, real estate, heavy industry, agriculture, advertising and marketing, telecommunications and insurances.

POZENA perfectly understands business clients. For us every translation project is regarded as urgent and vital, and for this reason we offer fast turnaround times and do not make extra charges for express translations. We also provide certified translation.

Most frequent languages in business translation :