Agriculture translation

Poland’s entry into the European Union resulted in an increased demand for professional translation services for the agriculture industry. This is largely because agriculture and environmental protection are key sectors of the EU economy.
Agriculture translation is a subtype of specialist translation. Agricultural texts are rich in industry-specific terms, which do not occur in general language and come to include names of agricultural tools and machinery, agricultural products, plants, animals, etc. Another factor that adds to the complexity of these texts is their interdisciplinary nature. To get a full grasp of agricultural texts and appropriately render their content in another language, translators should have a good general knowledge of biology, chemistry, geography, mechanics and a few other related fields.
POZENA manages agriculture translation projects in a comprehensive, efficient and professional manner. POZENA translators, who often have an educational background in agricultural or life sciences, possess specialist knowledge. Accordingly, they are able to handle all lexical problems, such as the incoherent and non-standardized agricultural terminology of the source or target language.

Most frequently translated agricultural texts

  • pet food labels
  • user manuals of agricultural machinery
  • agricultural equipment catalogs
  • food product descriptions
  • scientific publications (articles and books) in agricultural sciences
  • reports on the effectiveness of plant protection products
  • reports on EU-funded projects expenditure
  • agritourism promotional materials

Translation languages

We offer translation services for texts from various fields of agriculture, such as agricultural, environmental technologies, forestry, food technology, mechanization or agricultural engineering. The most popular languages in agricultural translation are: