Accounting translation

Under the Polish legal regulations, accounting documents (e.g. revenue and expense ledgers), should be available in Polish. Therefore, foreign entrepreneurs doing business in Poland are not directly obliged to have their documentation translated into Polish. However, in the case of a tax investigation, each foreign business entity should submit Polish translations of all documents and records that were originally written in another language.
Accounting translation projects should be handled by experts, who approach each task in a comprehensive and professional manner. The POZENA translation agency boasts many years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping translation services. The POZENA translators have a robust understanding of specialist terminology, which frequently occurs in accounting documents. Of utmost importance in the translation of such texts is semantic precision when it comes to word or phrase choice. Such terms as, for example, current assets, tangible assets, replacement value or discounts and allowances should not be replaced with alternative expressions.
Once a project is completed, it can, at the client’s discretion, pass through an additional quality check by a proofreader. This stage is highly important in the translation of accounting and bookkeeping documents. By ordering a translation that includes proofreading, our clients can be sure that all numerical information from the source text will be correctly transferred into the target text and that all key phrases will be approved by another expert with similar qualifications. At POZENA we are committed to delivering high-quality translation work.

Most frequently translated accounting and bookkeeping documents include

  • balance sheets
  • bankruptcy documents
  • bills and invoices
  • files
  • income statements
  • interim reports (monthly, semi-annual, annual)
  • cash flow statements
  • tax returns

Translation languages

Among our clients are many international corporations. We offer them express professional translations of accounting and bookkeeping documents at standard rates. We also provide certified translation services. The POZENA translation offer includes various language pairs. We translate texts directly from one foreign language to another, with no relay into Polish.

Bookkeeping and accounting documents are most frequently translated from and into: