Academic translation

With the ongoing globalization, technological advances and an ever-increasing exchange of knowledge in recent years, translating research content has systematically been gaining ground. Academic translation contributes to the dissemination of concepts, findings and theories from various disciplines of science among a broad range of target readers: researchers, students, governmental institutions, companies that apply state-of-the-art technologies, and readers of popular science texts.
POZENA offers professional translation services for texts from various sciences and humanities, including biology, biotechnology, chemistry, economics, physics, astronomy, geography, local history, tourism, geology, history, genetic engineering, linguistics, culture and art, mathematics, mechanics, medicine, agricultural sciences, psychology, political science and law.
POZENA academic translations are performed by specialists who combine in-depth expertise in a specific field and an excellent command of the source and target languages. Our team is composed of scientists and scholars who are perfectly acquainted with the stylistic and editing conventions of research publications. It should be borne in mind that besides purely field-specific qualifications and terminological competence, of key importance in academic translation is stylistic accuracy, which is synonymous with using academic or popular science language.
Under POZENA’s policy, we provide academic translation services in express mode, at standard rates. Some text types, e.g. reviews of doctoral dissertations and research achievements, may have to require certified (sworn) translation.

Frequently translated academic texts

  • abstracts and summaries of academic works
  • research papers
  • books
  • patents
  • BA, MA, PhD theses
  • presentations of research achievements
  • research projects
  • popular science publications
  • reviews
  • conference papers and presentations
  • reports
  • grant applications

Translation languages

The most popular academic translation languages are:

Why order a research paper translation at a professional translation agency?

If you want to have your paper published in a journal with global reach, you need to make sure that it meets strict requirements in terms of content and language accuracy. By choosing the POZENA translation agency as your partner, you can be sure that your translation will be performed by a field-specific expert with high language and editing skills. More often than not, POZENA translators themselves author academic publications in foreign languages.